Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

6 04 2011

You sometimes need a couple of months to appreciate something at its true value. What we can applicate to the “Plastic Beach” of Gorillaz is also true for the last album of Kanye West, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.

Kanye West has reach a point where his talent can no longer be discussed. The fact is: Kanye West knows it! As his pair Damon Albarn, Kanye wanted to try new things. However, when this album was released, he was not critically acclaimed. Only a few posted it in their top albums of 2010. I wonder if this was what Kanye West was looking for?

Whatever people wrote about this record and how much they put effort to critic Kanye’s work, Kanye West knows the recipe. That’s why you need a couple of months to see an album’s effect. Let’s review the hits on “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”: 12 tracks for 5 hits: “Gorgeous” feat. KiD CuDi, “POWER”, “All of the Lights” feat. Rihanna, “Monster” feat. Jay-Z, “Runaway” feat. Pusha T. Nothing works better than featuring today: you want to attract a new audience, just make some featurings with some of the most famous artists of the moment.

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” might not be the album of the year, it’s pleasant to listen to and you will certainly still hear some of its songs in the next few years.

Listen here.

Before releasing this album, Kanye and his team shot a long video clip for “Runaway”: this is kind of a review of the whole record. Enjoy!


The do – Both Ways Open Jaws

6 04 2011

They rocked the music planet 3 years ago with their first album “A Mouthful”. You don’t remember them? Come on, I’m sure you still have their hit “On my shoulders” somewhere in your head. Who am I talking about? The do of course!

The time for a second album album and “Both Ways Open Jaws” was released on March 17th. Oh, you know like me that a second album is certainly the most important in a band career, especially for a band dubbed by critics for their first album. However, it seems that the Do is able to outperform: with “Both Ways Open Jaws”, we (still) have a nugget!

The duo, composed of Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy, opens this record with the wonderful “Dust it off”, on which you can easily fall in love with Olivia’s voice. But I won’t forget Dan: he’s giving this album his taste with his mysterious and deep compositions that make you think of a movie soundtrack… Maybe because Dan also works for the cinema and has composed plenty of songs for different directors.

The fan from the 1st album would maybe say that the band has released a more pop album, perhaps more easy to listen to. To support the band effort, I would say that this will help new listeners to discover this magic duo.

Music, as pictures, speaks better that words. So I will stop here and let you enjoy this piece of jewelry.

Listen here.

The do – Dust if Off (filmed by Southern Souls)